Friday, January 22, 2010

Freedom Train

Sometimes a very simple suggestion can make the world of difference. On this occasion the simple suggestion came from my husband- why not take the train for my night out watching Anton and Erin (of Strictly Come Dancing fame) dance? It was always going to be a bit of a 'freedom' day and night, as P was at nursery and I was staying away for the night (uninterrupted sleep!!). However, being on the train just made it even better. The journey mostly follows the coast, in places over sandy inlets so it almost feels like you're floating over Morecambe Bay. In addition to the views, another huge bonus of the train compared to driving is that I can knit. The journey down saw me start and nearly finish the wonderful 'Aviatrix' baby bonnet- a free pattern download from Ravelry. This one's going to be a gift for my cousin's brand new baby girl, but it's such a fantastic, clever and easy pattern that I can see myself making it over and over again. On the journey back today I was working on the project I've finally found to satisfy, in some very small way, my need to support the earthquake victims in Haiti. More on that tomorrow.

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