Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fresh air and careful progress

The onset of the first winter colds (we've done well to avoid them so far!) slightly marred the enjoyment of our weekend away. However, the slightly milder weather did at least mean we could get out and about for the first time in what feels like ages. A quick blow along the sea front to look at the little boats and the foolhardy souls out on the water (yes they had wetsuits and drysuits but still...!)with Granny and the dog, followed by fish and chips. It's that sort of morning that reminds you of why we live in this country!
Back home yesterday and despite a desperate need to sleep, the temptation to do a little more quilt work was too great. Those who know how hard I find it to go slowly will appreciate how careful I'm being. I laid out three blocks, then managed to put one together, painstakingly pinning together, sewing 1/2 a cm for each seam and ironing (!!) them flat as I went along. I'm absolutely delighted with how it's looking so far- time spent now is seven and a half hours. If I possibly can I want to get the top finished by mid February when I'm hoping to take a trip down to see my mum. With her vastly superior sewing skills and prior quilting experience I'm hoping she'll hold my hand through the actual quilting and binding stage.

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