Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gratitude (part two)

Definitely, definitely much gratitude for sunshine and warmer weather. As well as lifting the spirits it's also really opened up our 'outdoor classroom' (not that we're exactly aiming on education with a nearly-two-year-old, but every day is learning when you're that size!)
So we've had Grizedale Forest, where he's finally got the hang of banging on the different sized wood blocks to get different sounds...

Imaginative play and a bit of Botany as he and his little pal discover 'treasure' in the form of pine cones, dry leaves and sticks in their own den at Tarn Hows...where a certain amount of Science came in too (from a stream to sticky mud, where does liquid become solid? And what happens if you sit in it, or go in deeper than your wellies?)

Back home, another warm evening saw a little Horticulture- the home move is still up in the air, but wherever we are this summer there will surely be space for pots and tubs of tomatoes, courguettes and squash...

...and lastly some Cookery, as we had our first outdoor-cooked meal of the year- not our first meal eaten outdoors though! That honour must go to some slightly chilly picnics while on walks.

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