Tuesday, December 1, 2009

First of Advent

Wow, it's been a crazy week, hence no posts. Think I'm getting on top of stuff again now, and trying to plan ahead to maintain calm. However, we're allowing a little excitement in with that calm, as Christmas is definitely on the way. It's lovely to discover the special things that our new community does at different times of year- in September we enjoyed the Lantern Festival in Ulverston and on Sunday we found out that our own little town has a big tree lighting parade to mark the start of Advent. The tree in the town square is lit, then Father Christmas and characters from the Nativity story parade along the main street. As we have a zoo up the road this parade includes real camels and donkeys! Everyone processes up the hill for carols and more lights going on. All the local businesses and people living along the main street make a real effort to dress up their windows and at the church near where the procession finishes they have a tree festival, where local charities and organisations each dress a tree. We're going to check that out later this week.

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